Who We Are?

Since 1915
with Success and Confidence

About Us

Yağyemezler starting from 1915, is a manufacturer who imports and exports that continues to exist in the textile sector which origins from generations of over 100 years of experience and achievements to the present. Throughout this time, it has been a continuous 16 years export champion and has been awarded a variety of rewards.

Yağyemezler Fabric, is an important name in the global sector with its facilities in Macedonia, with the export champion direction and world-class products. In Macedonia, it has employed 400 people with 6 types of production facilities in the 60,000m² closed area.

With its superior technology machines and an understanding of superior technology in the facility, it offers quality with an expert engineer staff that acts with an understanding that is trying to go on top of the era. In addition to having an expert staff in the production area, the company managers who experience every stage of the production process are accompanied by the advantage of privileged information and experiences with the advantage of many well-established brands.